Mindful breaks.

Areti is a freshly founded coffee brand from Germany. Oscar Bóbolo was tasked to develop the business model, the brand strategy, and the holistic branding. 

Interior & Product Design: MEA Studio, Düsseldorf


Business Model

A good coffee in a pleasant atmosphere means a piece of quality of life that motivates and awakens. The Coffee Business Lounge provides a place for a little break in between, a communication point for a quick meeting, the perfect setting to entertain guests and clients. With coffee specialties just like in your favorite café.


Based on the “Eudaimonie”, which describes a successful lifestyle and the associated balanced state of mind, the concept of Arete, which is translated as "virtue", is a central subject of the storytelling. Furthermore, it generally refers to the excellent quality and value of a thing.

Areti stands for Barista quality coffee. The customizable modules are perfect to transform any room into a place for personal moments of pleasure. So every coffee break becomes a "mindful break".

Coffee connects

Coffee has a long tradition and is much more than a caffeinated hot drink in our culture. The enjoyment of a good coffee stands for deceleration and relaxation as well as for communication and a bright mind. areti brings this element of enjoyment to where people meet: at work, in public buildings and in all other meeting places.

Coffee Business Lounge -
A Place to enjoy the special moments

A quick espresso after lunch, or a cappuccino to go for the relaxed way home. As versatile as the tastes of employees, customers and guests, so are the possibilities with areti. The right coffee specialty at any time of the day.

Interior and Product Design
(Collaboration with MEA Studio)

In order to develop a holistic coffee brand we collaborated with the Architecture Studio MEA from Düsseldorf. 

From S to XL and in various color variants, the individual areti modules not only adapt to the spatial conditions, but also to the personal taste. That's how areti turns any room into a unique coffee business lounge. Important constant. The concept comes with high-quality insert modules such as cup dispensers, bottle stations and disposal containers.

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